Team spirit

There is nothing better than a team building activity just before the holidays.  A couple of weeks ago we conducted our winter team event in Dobrinishte. OK, we admit we fingers crossed and hope there will be snow and skiing & snowboarding respectively, but the reality was a bit different, and temperatures were above 13 […]

OSI has a new home!

OSI has a new home! OSI marks a new beginning in wide Sofia center. You can already find us on blvd Al. Stamboliyski 132, entr.A, fl.4. We celebrated our grand opening, and we had a great company, music, fun chat and lots of champagne and treats. We are sharing with you some selected happy moments [...]

Our Friday at FMI Career Forum 2022

We are happy to have had the opportunity to be part of the autumn edition of FMI Career Forum 2022. It was an honor for us to meet so much young and enthusiastic bright minds. We are thankful to all that stopped by at our booth, had a chat with us and dared to solve [...]

My career path at Object Systems International

How did you become part of the OSI team?  In the summer of 2021, I heard that the company will organize an internship program for. Net/C# Engineer. It will be a 6-month internship with an evaluation at the end. OSI’s intership program idea was to build a professional who can help in projects and grow in [...]

How to fit refactoring into your sprints?

Do you enjoy building meaningful well-rounded products that engage users and are able to deliver the desired outcome in a matter of milliseconds? If yes, you are just like us! Building such products though is not always possible right from the start, nor is it always needed. Depending on the product vision and the various [...]

7 days. 2 locations. 5 beaches. Tons of smiles.

This is how we spent the past week working by the sea.   We kicked off with some wavy, salty, windy team building.  We packed our bags with sunscreen and good mood, did a COVID-19 Screening, and drove off to the seaside on a sunny Saturday morning. Right upon arrival at our first destination – Golden [...]

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Let’s begin:  Do you know what there is in common between Einstein, Newton, Nikola Tesla, Maxwell, Leonardo DaVinci, Michelangelo, Erwin Schrödinger, Leonhard Euler, Rodger Penrose and many other great minds?  You may say that all of them are one of a kind and they changed the world we live in. That is true.  You may say that their love of humanity and nature led them to the great discoveries they […]

Does anyone care about your non-functional tests? (part 2)

This is part 2 of the non-functional testing topic I tried covering and performance testing in specific. If you are interested in the previous blog post click here to check it out. TL;DR Just skip to “The end result” section below if you want to read what we ended up doing, Performance tests basics Before […]

Does anyone care about your non-functional tests? (part 1)

Let’s start this story with a few preconditions. You have a development team working on a public-facing application. You have carefully selected the technology stack that would best fit the client’s needs and team skills. Your team took care of writing all kinds of functional tests to ensure bugs and regressions are down to a […]

Race for the Human Mind

What is this blog post about? The main question we will answer is when AI will reach the human level of intelligence or above that. Let’s see how deep we can go. Let’s answer that: Straight to the question To prove the statement I will make in a minute we need to answer the most [...]