Hello, Quantum World!

Did you ever wonder how the classic programming introductory problem “write ‘Hello World’ ” will look like on Quantum computer?

I’ve asked myself many times. I didn’t have any clue about what it could be – how it will look like code, structure, execution, and even what the end result will be. How are we supposed to program Quantum computers? Where can we get one and start exploring? What knowledge do we have to have?

Of course, I’ve heard about things like qbits, but that’s it – “qbit” is like a “bit”, but… with more states, which it holds simultaneously… aaa… that’s it… simultaneously to have more than one state… aaaa… not sure that I understand… And actually I do not ( kind of ) … for now.

So here it is “Hello Quantum World”, programmed on IBM Q Experience quantum computing platform. It looks like this:

The next wonder is of course – what the result looks like. Well…pretty far away from traditional reading of “Hello World”. It looks like this (your result could be slightly/ or more / different than mine) :

Well…, now we know what it looks like – “Hello World” on Quantum computer.

This post was written by Stancho Stanchev