The difficult task of teambuilding? To be creative is our secret!

Engines roar. The starting line catches the eyes. The heart pulse accelerates, the adrenaline rises rapidly. The race with the chronometer begins, and the thrill of victory erupts the emotions. You compete with your opponents and fight against the stopwatch.

Speed, racing, a powerful roar of engines, an accelerated pulse … this is the adventure we want to tell you about. A thrilling experience and a race where not only the speed counts.

Can you guess what we mean? Yes! You are right! We are talking about go-karts competition. But what is the reason to talk about it? Guess again? And yes! You are right again! We are talking about our recent teambuilding.

The challenge of the teambuilding

The teambuilding is an activity strongly advocated in Object Systems International. The reason is more than clear – the company employs different teams specialized in different activities and the projects we work on require collaboration between the teams in almost every case. Teamwork is in many cases more important for the success of the project than the individual team member excellence. Teamwork is achieved in many ways but one of the more pleasant ones are when we are out of the office doing things that we all enjoy. These fun activities make the whole team united and more productive at work. This is why at OSI a certain pool of money is dedicated for the team members for different types of teambuilding events. It is up to the team to decide where and how to use that money.

Go-kart race – creativity in action

At the end of 2019, the developers of two teams working together on a common project came up with a more unusual idea for their regular teambuilding event. They decided to “mix” high adrenaline, a racing spirit and a lot of emotions into a high-performance mixture, organizing a go-kart race. As a result, a team spirit and many friendships are born, which breaks the routine in office communication and lead to better collaboration. The enthusiasm for realizing the idea is so great that to the money allocated by the company for this teambuilding, every member of the teams adds his/her own funds, doubling the amount.

Why does this idea work – the most important reasons

First, as every employer knows attitude is everything on these days and typically, when employers mention teambuilding, for sure you can always find some people who will roll their eyes and think “Seriously? Again?“. But we doubt you’ll get that type of reaction when you as a team decide where to have the next event. And when the team chooses a go-karts race it certainly reduces the negative reactions from the team. Do you agree with us?

Second, it’s easy and it’s a fun! And in addition you don’t even need to come up with different and long teambuilding games every year when it’s time for the annual teambuilding event. Let’s face it  – some people are just not fond of those events.

Don’t forget! It is scientifically proven that just the act of getting out of the day-to-day environment allows employees to get to know each other on a more personal level. To have fun together is the most powerful way to build connections. And it actually builds them successfully! Such events are proven to improve the cross-office collaboration and when you have a lot of teams in one place, why don’t introduce them to each other in a funny way?!

And last, but not least – just take a look how much fun it is!

A result that exceeds expectations

What is the result? Oh yes, it’s impressive! The shared emotions, the competition, the fun, the surprise, the adrenaline and the smiles remained in each of us for a long time after the race was over. And although the purpose of the particular race was who would win the competition and would go with the title of the winner, “spraying” the sparkling champagne from the „bottle of victory“, the real success was the collective spirit achieved and the teams which shortened the distance between themselves and colleagues. We became friends who have shared common emotions and common memories.

“From my point of view, the experience was really fun. We’ve done it before, but now the competition was bigger and it was even more fun. The track was pretty good. And I am a 100% sure that all who crossed the finish line before me cheated someway… I just don’t know how…,” Iskren said with a big smile.

There is nothing more to add, except our friendly advice: “Try it! The different definitely works!”

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This post was written by Iskren Dimov